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Personal Therapies

Your doctors will take time getting to know you and your complete personal history to help identify all contributing factors of your unique brain injury.

Complex Cases

We'll evaluate the Six Key-Systems of brain health and how they combine with a lifetime of experiences to create your personal, complex condition.


Leveraging the latest diagnostic technologies, our Neuro-Exam will pinpoint the specific areas of your brain that have been affected by your brain injury.


We have cutting edge therapies at The FNC but it is the personalized mix of these therapies, that brings out the best results.

Our team understands what you're going through

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Dr. Erik Reis, DC DACNB CBIS

Certified Brain Injury Specialist

Dr. Cooper Dykstra, DC

Dr. Kassie Kaas, DC

Anya Skorykh

Lori Peterson

Ashley Belanger

Patient Testimonials

"...I've been in practice for 32 years and refer my toughest patients to [The FNC]. They are cutting edge in the technology of brain healing and even more important is bottom-line results. I highly endorse The FNC."

Dr. Steve Edling / Osceola, Wisconsin

Owner at Edling Chiropractic and Wellness center
mark parish

"The changes from day to day are drastic. Now, I sleep like a baby."

Mark Parrish / Minneapolis, MN

Post-Concussion Syndrome

High Tech Therapies


The GyroStim is a state of the art, multi-axis rotating chair that works with balance, cognitive and sensory integration and can effect proprioception. It is also used as a vestibular therapy for vestibular rehabilitation and in concussion therapy and recovery.

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If you’re ready to find hope again and begin your neuro-recovery journey, schedule a complimentary phone consult with our Patient Care Coordinator today to discuss how we can help.

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