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Sheri came to The Functional Neurology Center* with chronic post Lyme disease. She suffered from pain and restricted mobility and severe brain pain. Now she has greater range of motion and mobility. Her pain has also significantly reduced.

*Minnesota Functional Neurology is now known as The Functional Neurology Center.


– [Man] All right, Sheri, thanks for doing this for us, so tell us what brought you into The Functional Neurology Center.

– I have, um, a Chronic Neurological Lyme disease, and, um, I had a lot of cognitive vestibular, um issues with movement, brain working with my body, I couldn’t walk very good or sit very good. I started working with you, and then I could do- this movement I could hardly do before, now I can do more now, or like this movement, I couldn’t do it before, it hardly moved.

– [Dr. Schmoe] So when we first started working together, I mean you had a hard time just rolling over onto one side, correct?

– Correct. Or getting out of a bed.

– [Dr. Schmoe] Getting out of a bed.

– Over two years.

– [Dr. Schmoe] Okay. And then with doing our like, visual and vestibular and, and body based exercises you’ve definitely noticed a change?

– Oh yes, big time change. stuff isn’t as mechanical anymore as what it used to be, and I can um, roll around, do s-stuff, sit-sit down more smoothly, and uh.

– [Dr. Schmoe] And we’ve also worked with your pain, correct?

– Yeah.

– [Dr. Schmoe] So what- where were you experiencing pain at first?

– Um, my- up here in this part of my brain, I would always have like pain there all the time, now I hardly have any pain there anymore. And then my- throughout my whole body from the Lyme disease was very painful but now the pain is come down a lot.

– [Dr. Schmoe] So you would recommend that other patients with chronic and neurological symptoms from Lyme and other infections come to The Functional Neurology Center?

– Most definitely, I wish I would have known about you four years sooner than I did.

– [Dr. Schmoe] All right, thanks Sheri.