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Comprehensive ADD/ADHD Care for
Kids and Teens

Is your child’s academic performance below potential due to ADD/ADHD symptoms? Do they find it hard to concentrate and to sit still? Are struggles at school and conflicts at home taking an emotional toll? Maybe you’ve tried medication and while it seems to calm hyperactivity, it causes headaches, too, and a loss of appetite and weight that has you worried. You may wonder what the long-term use of powerful drugs will mean for your child’s future.

Understandably, you want what’s best for your son or daughter academically and socially. But no parent wants to jeopardize their child’s development or long-term health along the way. ADD/ADHD is a frustrating condition for children who have it, their parents, and individuals of any age who struggle with symptoms. An inability to concentrate or follow directions can have disastrous effects on a student’s grades and an adult’s job performance. But the medications typically prescribed for ADD/ADHD symptoms can compromise your health and diminish your quality of life.

You do not have to compromise your health for the sake of ADD/ADHD symptom relief. Care that is comprehensive, customized and completely natural is the solution. You can feel better and achieve measurable gains in function by working with our team. Our care can help today, and it can help ensure the benefits of optimal health long-term for you or your child.

There is hope.

If you’re seeking a better solution—one that’s effective and safe—you’ve found it. There is hope, because ADD/ADHD are not life sentences. Symptoms of these conditions are brain-based, and there is much that can be done through completely natural care to change the brain!

ADD/ADHD is complex, but it isn’t a mysterious condition; it’s simply a brain imbalance. We know that the two sides of the brain may not develop at the same rate. But it’s possible to balance the brain, so the ‘lazy’ side keeps up with the one that’s more ‘dominant.’ When the brain is balanced, it functions better—and ADD/ADHD symptoms improve.

There is always an opportunity to try to change our brains to promote better function. All it takes is a proper assessment and a good rehabilitation program to get you on the right track.

Measurable results through comprehensive care.

We help children and adults with ADD/ADHD by taking a comprehensive, customized approach. We examine every single system in the body to find every underlying factor playing a role in your condition. We test for and focus on metabolic issues, blood chemistry, gut function and any chronic infections or brain injuries in your health history.

We look at you as a whole person, because the more we uncover and address through therapeutic support, the better you will feel. Without evaluating ways in which the brain and body are communicating—or rather, not communicating—it is impossible to make significant progress.

By harnessing comprehensive training, specialized expertise and cutting-edge lab testing, diagnostic equipment and therapies, we examine how brain function interacts with other systems in the body. This unique perspective enables us to understand and effectively manage a wide variety of complex health conditions.