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Categories: Concussions, Dizziness, Pain

After a bad car accident, Mindy was left with Post Concussion-Syndrome and a laundry list of symptoms like dizziness, vomiting, bad headaches, imbalance, noise intolerances, and memory loss kept this young woman from living her best life.

Now with symptoms greatly reduced, or eliminated she’s able to enjoy life in wild Alaska. 

*Minnesota Functional Neurology is now The Functional Neurology Center


– [Lori] Hi.

– Hi.

– [Lori] Could you just tell us how you were referred to The Functional Neurology Center?

– I was referred here through, one, my doctors back home, through Doctor Kompkoff, with Katmai Eye and Vision. She end up doin’ some tests and different things, and she end up finding out about Dr. Schmoe here, and sent me.

– [Lori] And where is that located?

– In Anchorage, Alaska.

– [Lori] And that’s where you live?

– I live in Wasilla, Alaska.

– [Lori] Nice, nice. Tell us about some of your symptoms that you had prior to coming into The Functional Neurology Center.

– I had lots of symptoms. Dizzy, vomiting, bad headaches, balance was really bad, can’t handle much noise, loud noises, too much commotion, lot of conversations like bouncing back and forth, whole bunch of different ones, memory is one.

– [Lori] And what results have you had while you’ve been with us this week?

– My balance has gotten a lot better. I can, they even had me shuttin’ my eyes and I don’t feel like I’m gonna fall over or all over the place, so balance has gotten better. Memory has gotten a little better. I’m not getting as much headaches. Back pain has gone away, which is awesome!

– [Lori] Fantastic!

– Yeah, there’s

– [Lori] Anything else you’d like to tell people about our clinic?

– It is amazing and even though it’s one week long of therapy, you see results pretty fast and it’s, There’s a lotta help out there and really really encouraging, awesome people that you get to work with there. And just amazing results.

– [Lori] Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate it. Yeah, thank you.