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Hi, my name’s Kailee and I’m from San Diego, California.

[Lori] Kailee, what brought you into the Function Neurology Center?

Well, I found the Functional Neurology Center through a series of other doctors of functional neurology that I’ve been to. I have a traumatic brain injury and so with each one of those doctors that I’ve been to, they’ve all talked about Dr. Schmoe and how wonderful he is. So, after a year of different doctors and trying different modalities out, I ended up in Minnesota and I don’t regret it at all. My only regret is that I waited so long to get here because it’s life changing.

[Lori] We’re so happy that you came. Tell me, either one of you, a couple of symptoms that stood out as the biggest symptoms for|you that brought you here.

Okay, I have, oh boy, (crying) I had really bad issues with balance and symptoms similar to vertigo and not knowing where I was in space. Brain fog, not feeling like I was aware of things that were happening in my day, and just kind of going through the motions of the day and sleeping was really hard for me. I wasn’t sleeping at night or had, I didn’t have a normal schedule at all and even after being here for five days, my sleep has changed, my eyes are aligned again where I can see single objects instead of double, and I overall stand better, I walk differently, I feel more alert and aware. I just feel like I’m beginning to feel like myself again.

[Lori] Amazing. What do you say mom?

She’s beginning to feel like herself again. I can see significant changes in five days. It really just blows my mind to see the improvement in five days. She’s grounded, she’s not waving like a flag when she stands upright, she’s swinging her arms when she walks, and the best part has been to see her smile again.