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[Dr. Schmoe] All right guys, can you tell us your names and what brought you to the Functional Neurology Center?

I’m Keith. – I’m Bailey. – I’m Emily. – I’m Kim.

[Dr. Schmoe] What brought you here, Bailey?

I had been experiencing some severe light-headedness, and vertigo, dizziness, and I don’t know. My skin was sort of looking kinda strange, sorta purple-y a lot. – And paralysis in my lower extremities. – You couldn’t walk.

[Dr. Schmoe] So, tell us a little bit more about that, like what was going on with your legs.

Like my legs were there, but I couldn’t connect them. My brain was like, “Huh, I have feet.” And they still had feeling, – Yeah. but they didn’t understand how to get to my brain. My brain didn’t know how to control them.

[Dr. Schmoe] And that was going on for how long before you came in?

For, gosh. – About three weeks.

[Dr. Schmoe] Three weeks, okay. And what other changes have you seen this week working with- or these last two weeks working with us?

I’ve been able to walk around on my own, I don’t need my crutches or any other sort of mobility aid. I’m able to tie my shoes and stand up and not be dizzy or faint, which was awesome. – And what do you do on Saturdays now? – I do marching band. So I get to be in marching band and get to with all the rest of my friends.

[Dr. Schmoe] Awesome, so before coming in, did you have an official diagnosis of any disorder or?

They sort of were like, “Maybe a functional neurological disorder, maybe? But other than that, we don’t know! Like, ah, there you go!” – Maybe vestibular migraines. – Vestibular migraines. We don’t know, have fun. I was like, okay!

[Dr. Schmoe] Is there anything else that you would like to add about your experience here?

These people are so compassionate about their patients. They want you to be better. They don’t want to have to make you keep coming in if you don’t have to. Their goal is to make you better, not to try to sell you something, which is amazing. They really care about you as a person, and not just the treatments.

And I would have to say for me the results have been nothing short of miraculous. Three weeks ago, we literally had to carry Bailey in cause she couldn’t walk, she couldn’t stand, she couldn’t move on her own. And four days later, she was marching up and down the hall without anything, which is amazing and unbelievable if I hadn’t seen it myself.