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Categories: Success Stories

I started with Dr Schmoe towards the end of February and I came to him with the goal of healing up my neurological issues from chronic Lyme disease and a bio toxin illness. My double vision and dizziness was awful for years. I also had horrible pain in my back, neck, and hips. When I would do yoga I would have so much motion sickness that I’d vomit or be laid up for awhile.

Dr. Schmoe suggested giving the AIP (RepairVite) diet a try for seven days. I wondered how could I go without my coffee, cream, bread, Doritos etc. However, after seven days, I lost 5lbs and had some renewed hope that I could lose weight. Then Dr. Schmoe challenged me to do another seven days to not cheat. Not only did I not cheat, I kept going and within 20 days I was down 19lbs, sleeping great, able to workout and do my brain exercises with no troubles.

I’m currently down 38lbs since February and I wouldn’t trade it for all the Doritos in the world! My hubby was so inspired by my success that he started and is down 58lbs. We are thrilled and so grateful for Dr Schmoe. We are now encouraging our folks at The Well in Dassel to try Paleo! Nails the inflammatory process one bite at a time! Thanks from our crew to yours!