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*Minnesota Functional Neurology is now The Functional Neurology Center


Hi. My name is Liz, and I was referred down here, I’m getting emotional, to The Functional Neurology Center

Anyway, when I first came to, I’m from Alaska, and I had a slip on the ice, and I did a hard fall on my back, and did a whiplash on my head, a really hard hit on the ice. And from that, I had a mild concussion, and then felt kind of fog in my head, and my numbers started acting a little funny, my words sometimes would… I had a word find kind of thing. And then things seemed to subside a little bit, but then I started having those symptoms reoccur, and this gal that I started going to see has been here before, and she strongly recommended based on my symptoms, as she was working on me to come down here, because she really believes that I would get some positive effect from this treatment. And certainly, since I’ve been here for the five days, wonderful staff, excellent care and treatment, and they really know what they’re doing. I feel a difference from the time that I’ve gotten here on Monday, and they pack in a lot of things for you to do, but I can tell a difference in how my eyes are working. Because, who would have thought that your eyes are going to have some impact on your neck, as far as when you’re having stiff neck, and things of that nature? I didn’t know. And also, apparently with regard to your gastrointestinal system, your gut, I am familiar with that kind of issue as well. And so, certainly looking forward to practicing things that I’ve been taught here, and I know that I have to give it a chance, and give it time; nothing just happens overnight. But I can already feel better improvement in my balance, in the way that I’m reacting, when I’m driving or even just looking and reading, and just the overall, I think, the way I’m feeling.

So I really recommend anyone giving this an opportunity to help you, for your health and your wellbeing. You can’t go wrong.

[Lori] Liz, thank you for sharing. We’ve loved having you here from Alaska on this snowy Minnesota spring day! Week! –

Thank you.