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Hi, my name is Francis Puré and I’m from Montreal, Canada.

[Lori] And what brought you in?

Just a, just a little head trauma. I received a puck on the side of my head and it changed my life and from one of my good friend I play with this year on my team and he introduced me to Dr. Schmoe and then coming here was the greatest, the best gift I could give myself and it’s a life changing treatment that I received.

[Lori] Wonderful. What were your main symptoms when you first came in?

I was living in a fog, headaches, mood change, everything you can name it all and I, energy, I wasn’t eating right, little bit of everything and in a manner of, it’s crazy to say but a manner of minutes since I got here everything, not everything came away right away but like it just, it changed everything and waking up in the morning, I’m excited now and I’m really happy to be here.

[Lori] Fantastic, thank you for sharing a little bit of your story like you did.

Thank you so much, thank you everybody, to all the staff, you guys are amazing and thank you for the week. And I really, I hope that you guys will keep doing some miracles, thank you so much.

[Lori] Thanks Frankie, we appreciate it.