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Concussion therapy hockey

Concussions and head issues were causing sleepless nights for former pro-hockey player Mark Parish. Now able to ‘sleep like he did before kids’, Mark and his whole family are able to enjoy life together.




– [Lori] All right, Mark. Why don’t you tell us what brought you into the office to see Dr. Schmoe?

– Well, my name is Mark Parrish and I played hockey for 15 years professionally and I had some concussions and head issues that were spilling over into neck issues, sleep issues, emotion issues, all kinds of fun issues that my wife and kids had to deal with and we heard about Dr. Schmoe and we’ve tried many things, multiple things, many different doctors for some kind of relief and finally came in to see Dr. Schmoe and we’re certainly glad I did because the difference from not just session to session during the day, but from day to day has been drastic and just with suffering from sleep depravity for years. The last three or four nights I’ve slept like a baby and slept again like I did before I had kids for crying out loud.

– [Lori] Awesome! Any other changes you’ve noticed in like, dizziness or balance or anything like that? – Balance has been very big. The headaches have gone down to next to nothing and every time I’ve come in I’ve been taken care of instantly and yeah, the balance, the walking. I guess I didn’t realize how off-balance I was until I came in here and started walking straight again.

– [Lori] Awesome, thank you!