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*Minnesota Functional Neurology is now The Functional Neurology Center



– Hi, I am Jami Benz and this is my son Braden Benz, and we are currently at The Functional Neurology Center. I’m doctoring with Dr. Jeremy Schmoe, and we had started about eight months ago seeing Dr. Schmoe. I’ll let Braden explain why we came down.

– Yeah, it was during a soccer game, and the ball hit me from one side of my head, and then my head flew into another guy’s head on the other side and after that I played about 20 more minutes and had lots of symptoms like dizziness, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, headaches, excruciating headaches, and so we came down here in about February to see Dr. Schmoe after nothing else was really, we weren’t seeing improvements for the first six months I would say, and so we came down to Dr. Schmoe, and we did a week intensive with him, and right away we were seeing phenomenal results. And we come to him about every four– – Four to six weeks probably we come back, and each time I have seen improvements greatly. We work on different things that we previously worked on and always add new exercises so it’s phenomenal. Again, today for example, Braden could never keep his balance. He’d always had to have his legs apart, and now he can put his feet together and balance is spot on. All the exercises he takes home and he does home rehab with.

We are originally from Bismarck, North Dakota, and been referring quite a few people here, probably five, six people from the North Dakota area all whom have had phenomenal results with Dr. Schmoe and continue to improve.