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Hi, my name is Roxanne Carpenter and I’m from Madison, Wisconsin.

[Lori] What brought you here?

Well, back in 2013 I had a concussion and it has been causing dizziness, headaches, memory problems, lightheadedness, brain fog and just a very negative depressing life.

[Lori] What would you say have been your biggest changes since being here?

Oh, everything. My attitude, for one. I just have a better outlook on life. I’m happier. My headaches are less. I haven’t been dizzy since I’ve been here which is very surprising. The fog is going away and just a better outlook on life and I just have to tell anybody that if you are hesitant about coming, like I was, just come because the results are amazing and it will change your life forever.

[Lori] Thank you for sharing.