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Hi my name’s Lauren. I’m from a small town in Alaska. This is my mom Denise. Um, I got a concussion playing volleyball about 6 weeks ago, and, basically took me down from the count, wasn’t able to do any fun things, or any work things, like, I was just kind of on the couch on the dark, and, tried some other routes, tried medication, and, it just was getting worse. So, we were able to come here, and, now it’s been a week of different therapies and things, and, I feel so much better, and, I’m able to not wear sunglasses inside, and, I’m not nauseous all the time, and, you know, I feel like I’m starting to like re-strengthen things, and, so I’m excited to, and I was able to drive. – Drove. – Wasn’t able to do that before.

[Lori] That is a big thing.

I’m excited to just head back to Alaska, and keep improving, and get back to teaching. That’s what I do.

[Lori] Wonderful. If someone were considering coming in here from your perspective of how you saw results, what would you say to them about your experience, and coming in here?

Oh, I’d say go for it, it’s worth it, you know, it’s your life, and you get it back, so, yeah.

Yeah she came in basically not being able to do anything, had to wear sunglasses constantly, couldn’t be in any light, fatigued, nauseous, and within just a couple days, the sunglasses came off, and by Thursday, she was driving me around, so, it is amazing.

[Lori] Amazing. Well, it’s been a pleasure having you both here this week. Thanks for sharing your story a little bit with us.

Yeah thanks.