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Hi I’m Brienne Mo, and from Tustin, California.

[Lori] And what brought you here to TFNC?

I’ve had multiple concussions, I had a sports injury and a car accident, and I also had a brain herniation. So, lot’s of dizziness, balance issues, lot’s of fatigue and a floating feeling in my brain and was not living in a whole life. Living a very debilitating life.

[Lori] And what would you say you’ve noticed since you’ve been here at TFNC?

My life is forever changed, so I came in with concussion symptoms on a scale of one to ten, at a ten. I was in bed every day for two years. Basically couldn’t do anything, other than, get around the house and whatnot. I got, from day one, like total turnaround. I was like, all right, we’re on the right path. And then, every day since then, I got my numbers down to, a four, a three, and then, I think by day four or five of the first week, I was down to two’s and zeroes. That just means the dizziness started going away, and got more balance, more grounding in my body. Overall, amazing feeling and so great to have found this place.

[Lori] And thank you for sharing your story.