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Ashley Osborne and I’m from Missouri.

[Lori] And what brought you here?

I had been talking with Dr. Joe, out in California and he thought that I probably had PoTS, but it wasn’t convenient for me to go there. I was just Skyping appointments so he put me in touch with the closest functional neurology clinic that he thought would be best for me. And we tested for PoTS and I for sure have it, and I was just just having a lot of fatigue that was also affecting circulation, and all that circulation was in turn affecting my gut and I have some major metabolic issues. I’m down to just eating 13 foods, a lot of food restrictions, and we’re just hoping that getting all of those synced back up with my circulation and metabolic flow, it will help, in turn, my metabolism.

[Lori] And what have you noticed after your week here?

I have a little bit more umph in my step, just moving through the halls. I’ve also noticed I have just a little bit more personality shining through. Let’s see here, I’ve actually even noticed a little bit more just, this digestive, you know, you can feel stuff moving through your system. So I’m hoping that’ll, in phase two of my at home exercises will yield, much better results, than what I was before.