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Sometimes you don’t need a lot of words to explain a life-changing event. Here are some of our favorite (short) testimonials. And make sure to watch the short video at the end for a very powerful story.

A Talkative, Dancing 4-Year-Old

My four-year-old daughter began seeing Dr. Schmoe at the end of December after hearing she may have speech dyspraxia. She also has low muscle tone and cognitive delays. We saw him and he gave her some simple exercises to do three times a day. She came back less than a week later and there were already obvious improvements. She was saying words I hadn’t heard her say. Her walk was improved. She was dancing!


A Life Saved

Dr. Schmoe helped my 14-year old daughter recover from her fifth concussion after many other specialists could not treat her. She could hardly get out of bed, much less go to school. He literally saved her life.

Heidi C.

A Year Later

It was one year ago that Drew met Dr. Schmoe. Today he continues to improve and move forward. Rarely a day goes by that he doesn’t do his “homework” and then hits the gym. We are forever grateful to Dr. Schmoe & Dr. Duffy at CBC.

(Watch the video)

Leah, Greig and Drew E.