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Although some would say we were really lucky, I know there was divine timing involved.

The day following my son’s injury from football, I sat in south Minneapolis on a Friday at a friend’a to work on my new company’s brand and messaging. In an effort to articulate why I felt a bit in disarray that morning, I articulated the details of my son’s injury and shared that I had left him next door at the coffee shop for our meeting because his doctor appointment was quicker than anticipated. My friend quickly shared that she was working with a client who was a functional neurologist who specialized in sports injury and went into a bit more detail about his practice. I couldn’t believe the timing and asked if I could call and leave a message during our meeting. My son’s injury was bad and I needed answers…and as quickly as possible.

Weeks of Therapy Leads to Recovery

Dr. Schmoe called back within a few minutes and gave me brief instructions on how to to care for Myles over the weekend and said that he would like to see Myles on Tuesday. I sent Myles to school on Tuesday for his first day of school and picked him up early for his appointment. It would be almost three weeks before he could return to school again. Dr. Schmoe, after extensive testing (testing Myles could not fool and I could not believe), shared with me the extent of Myles’ brain injury.

Myles’ injury had affected his entire left side leaving numbness, disjointed movements, and a lack of balance my 6’5″ athlete couldn’t override with determination. We were devastated. This was very different than the news our local sports injury clinic had given us; they said it was a concussion and were ready to send him back to school after a few days.

Weeks of therapy, nutrition advice, supplement encouragement and eventual recommendations for reintegrating into school life…Myles was healed. We are so thankful to Dr. Schmoe for his care, concern, honesty and expertise in handling Myles’ brain injury and recovery. I am quite confident if we took the advice of our local sports injury clinic physicians, the headaches would be nagging and the healing would not be complete.

Thank you, Dr. Schmoe. We are thankful God brought you into our lives at the perfect time! Blessings on you and your practice!

Brage A. (parent of D1 basketball recruit)