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*Minnesota Functional Neurology is now The Functional Neurology Center


Hi, my name is Erica Evenson. I am from Thief River Falls, Minnesota, and I came here because I had a concussion and I had symptoms for over a year and this has really helped a lot with my stability, and balance, coordination, concentration, and I’m finally able to sleep.

[Lori] Wonderful. What would you say to someone who’s considering if they should come in and see us or not?

It was definitely worth it. And we came from a ways. I know that people come from a lot further, but it was definitely worth the drive. And the week here was great. The doctors are wonderful and very helpful, and I came here with a lot of hope, and now I’m leaving and feeling much better than I did a week ago.

[Lori] Wonderful, thank you for sharing your story with us, we appreciate it.

Thank you.