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My name’s Heather Mashee and I’m free Fargo in North Dakota.

[Lori] What brought you to Minnesota Functional Neurology?

I was having a lot of brain fog, pressure in my head, muscle pain, just overall fatigue.

[Lori] And what changes have you noticed since being here at MFNC?

I’ve noticed a big improvement in the brain fog, and quite an improvement with the muscle pain too.

[Lori] And what would you say to someone who’s considering coming in?

I mean get here as soon as you can. It’s, although overwhelming, just thinking about, you know, trying something new and a little bit scary, but Dr. Sass was so encouraging, very understanding. He never dismissed any of my symptoms, like I’ve had that in the past. He’s wonderful, so I’d highly recommend him.

[Lori] Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

You’re welcome.

Minnesota functional neurology and chiropractic is now The Functional Neurology Center.