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there is hope with hands

After almost a lifetime (I’m 21 years old) of doctors, I have never been asked to write a testimony – that is because nobody has found anything to help me improve until now.

Trying It All

My health is quite complex, and the moment I open my mouth to start explaining, doctors seem to get a puzzled look on their face. The first day I met Dr. Jeremy, I was nervous and in a lot of discomfort because the car ride shook up my constant motion sickness. The first thing I noticed was that he really took the time to see me as a whole person and was very gentle in evaluating my head and reflexes. It was not a surprise after he went through my folder of labs and doctor forms that he said, “Wow, you really have seen and tried it all!” But it was different coming from him because I could tell he was committed to searching and trying whatever it will take to get me living life again.

Dr. Schmoe was confident and hopeful and I trusted this from day one. I left the first appointment more hopeful than I remember being in years. I was basically stuck inside a “bubble” due to my limitations of movement resulting from any slight stimulation in my eye sight. Plus, because I had developed allergies to pretty much everything, Dr. Jeremy was honest and upfront that I would need the intensive week of treatment with him. This involved coming in for four days, six hours a day (with breaks, of course).

Making Life Tolerable…Finally

By the fourth day of the intensive week, I remember waking up, and something was different. I don’t even know how to explain it, but I actually felt ok in my own skin. Life was more tolerable. Something had already shifted in my nervous system and brain. Week after week, Dr. Jeremy keeps examining and carefully listens to my feedback. He is constantly tweaking my therapy based on my condition or test results. He is also funny and is interested in my own goals–which, I’m rediscovering now, it’s possible to dream again!

I know that God has a time and a season for everything, and it was my time to try something new and finally get well. I now continue with weekly appointments. Every time I leave my appointments, I look back and am so thankful I stuck through that intensive week so Dr. Jeremy could figure out how my brain functions.

I also have had a big issue with my left side being out of whack and would get giant burn-like rashes that covered half my face. I was not comfortable and sort of sad because even good friends were confused and kept their distance when they saw this bright red “rash.” Dr. Jeremy has never given up, and I think we have finally figured out therapies that are rebalancing my eyes and getting the left side to look and react like the right side.

I have always been interested in health and research and find it intriguing how the therapies work. Each brain is so unique. I am fascinated how at every appointment we try something new, or we get more information about how my brain and bodywork. Dr. Jeremy is getting to know what I like to do and my goals. Being sick and having to give up a lot of hobbies, friends, studying, and normal-life activities since age 15, I became stuck and more distant from my dreams in life. Its the best feeling seeing the progress that I never knew was possible!

Enjoying Life Again!

I am finally getting enough relief from the tone therapy, mirror therapy, and gaze stability that I’m sleeping through the night without feeling seasick. The best part is, I wake up eager to run! I used to do triathlons and never thought that after only two months of working with Dr. Jeremy, I would be running several miles a week. Each appointment is very thorough, and I never leave without getting some relief.

I have not started any nutritional adjustments (yet), but with these neurological therapies, my immune system is doing better. I’m very excited to see the progress that is to come as I continue to heal my post-concussive syndrome and dysautonomia. Life is unfolding before my eyes again, and I can only thank God for leading me to such kind, intelligent and intuitive doctors at TheFNC.

I’m able to go out into public places without a mask and interact with people again. It’s been years since little kids or people my age have come up to talk to me because I was always too sick or had to keep my distance due to overstimulation. I’m able to finally talk on the phone to my sisters who live out-of-state where before talking would give me a terrible headache and make my pulse go too high. My dog can even tell I’m getting better because he is jumping on me instead of keeping his distance like before. I’m finally able to go to church and am now part of a bible study.

There is no more doubt for me or my family of “when” or “how” I will get better… because the time is now. We are watching it happen before our eyes!

Caroline L.