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Categories: Success Stories

I went on my first cruise with family and friends in December 2014. After returning home, I felt like I was still on the ship. My family also said they had this sensation, but theirs improved after a few days. Weeks after the cruise, I still felt a constant sensation of rocking, like I was riding on a boat. I also had horrible pain in my neck and the back of my head, as well as pressure and pain in my ears. I was extremely fatigued, had headaches, brain fog, and difficulty sleeping. I also found that my balance and coordination were lacking. As a nurse working in a busy outpatient department, I struggled to get through my shifts.

The Diagnosis: Mal de Debarquement Syndrome

After doing some research, I found a name for my disorder: Mal de Debarquement Syndrome, or disembarkment syndrome. I found a support group on Facebook that was extremely helpful to me in dealing with my symptoms. One day a member of the group posted that she seen a functional neurologist who was able to help her. I had seen my family doctor, an ENT, and had frequent visits to my chiropractor, but nothing they tried helped me. I decided it was time to seek additional treatment.

Three Days and 80% Improvement

As I was determining my next steps, I came across Dr. Schmoe’s website. I was impressed by the extensive information on his website and by the testimonials from his patients. My first appointment was in July. Dr. Schmoe told me he had treated other patients with MdDS, and was confident that he could help me. He suggested a three-day intensive therapy. I returned in September for the treatment. After three days, I felt about eighty percent better. I could think more clearly and my neck pain was significantly improved. The rocking sensation was lessened. I felt much more coordinated, and my balance was considerably better. Almost two months following my treatment, I feel like I am continuing to improve each day.

I am so fortunate to have found Dr. Schmoe. His knowledge and skills are outstanding. I am grateful to him and his staff for helping me to feel “normal” again.

Mindy N.