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Categories: Success Stories

I had gone through nearly two years of an “unknown” health issue that was extremely painful and debilitating and also caused much physical and mental fatigue. After many visits to some of the best medical facilities, chiropractors, and functional nutritionists, I still had not gained much progress in my health. I was a bit hesitant to visit Dr. Schmoe after he was referred to me because I did not want to drop any more money on yet another perspective.

Three Days and a Life Changed

However, I am so glad I did, as the three-day intensive with Dr. Schmoe and his team was extremely beneficial. After three full days of functional neurological exercises and therapy, followed by some at-home eye-brain therapy, I could tell a major difference in my health and energy. I could finally get through a full day without being debilitated. Addressing the health of my brain was a primary necessity in getting me back on the road to health.

A Healthy Brain, A Better Life

I am grateful for Dr. Schmoe and his team. I now realize that looking at one of the most important parts of my body – my brain – is crucial. A high functioning, healthy brain is vital to overall health. Looking forward to continued health and complete recovery.

Isaac H.