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I initially went to see Dr. Schmoe due to fatigue associated with reading and a history of multiple concussions. Fatigue in general, and especially while reading, had really begun to interfere with my love of reading and my addiction to continuing education. After a thorough history and exam, I was treated in office and given home-based exercises to practice daily to retrain my eyes and my brain. After diligent homework and some follow-up appointments, I began to notice improved overall resilience and retention with reading and no longer felt fatigue or the need to nap after extensive study sessions. I also began to notice an unexpected reduction in stress overall, and particularly while driving.

Driving Anxiety

Ever since I began driving, it has been a highly stressful activity for me. Highway driving at high speeds and at night were the most challenging parts of driving for me, due to the difficulty my eyes were experiencing with certain basic movements that we all take for granted. After about an hour of highway driving, I felt full of anxiety and panic. I was using every coping tool I knew how to try to manage this anxiety. Singing, breathing, chanting, listening to soothing music – you name it and I was doing it–and still after about an hour of white-knuckled, terrified driving I was ready to break down in tears.

This inability to drive for any distance or length of time has been something that has always felt incredibly limiting to me as an adult. It makes visiting friends and family difficult and I have had to heavily rely on my husband and friends for longer driving trips…until now. I am so happy to say that I can now drive for around seven hours on highways and at high speeds without anxiety, thanks to Dr. Schmoe.

Improvement in Surprising Areas

I have also noticed an overall reduction in my perceived level of stress. Additionally, I have noticed an improvement in my digestion as well as better balance in my yoga practice since beginning treatment at MFNC. Thank you, Dr. Schmoe, for improving my life in ways that I never saw coming! I always thought that I would be limited to living with these post-concussion symptoms until they were gone. I would never have realized that those symptoms were something that could be changed.

I now refer my own chiropractic patients to Dr. Schmoe for post-concussion evaluation because I want the best possible outcomes for them and I now know what is possible. If you are the kind of person who is willing to put in the effort to improve your life and you are looking for someone with the skills and knowledge to help you on this journey, then Dr. Schmoe and MFNC is the team for you.

Martha DC