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I am writing this letter as a testimonial for the fantastic, supportive, and beneficial work that I have received from Dr. Jeremy Schmoe at Minnesota Functional Neurology and Chiropractic (MFNC).

The Injury

In November 2010, I dropped four floors in an elevator going 65mph. We now know, among many other things, that my brain crashed into my skull when I landed that day. I suffered numerous injuries, most of which did not immediately reveal symptoms. Within a few months, it was clear that I had suffered a concussion with many related issues including Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Instead of Getting Better, It Got Worse

What the world has learned about concussions since those days is vast but, at the time, I found even the best Neurologists to be offering therapies that did not achieve the results I needed to move forward in my life. After a year and a half, they were actually making me worse. I was so scared and frustrated. I could not read, work on the computer or be in crowds of people. I had balance issues, headaches, anxiety, sensitivity to light and sound and high levels of pain due to nerve and musculoskeletal injuries. I was quickly sliding into an abyss of physical limitations resulting from untreated injuries compounding upon one another. I was frightened and very weakened both physically and emotionally.

An Introduction to Functional Neurology

Then someone suggested I meet Dr. Jeremy Schmoe. I did and haven’t looked back. His work in functional neurology is at the pinnacle of concussion and traumatic brain injury research and healing. For a number of years, I have worked with him (and also some other experts that he suggested) and the results have been life changing. His work is very comprehensive – from blood work and diet to exercise and therapy  – while training new brain pathways. I learned some fascinating science as I engaged in this amazing work.

I intrinsically knew that with an injury like mine I would need to work hard to get better and finally I had found someone who could guide me through that work. His depth of testing is comprehensive and achieves results like nothing I have seen anywhere else. As concussion research has improved, I see doctors of neurology finally embracing this science but they are still way behind in the therapy of healing.

With Dr. Schmoe, I have improved on every level and am engaging more in my life every day.

I have TBI. And I know I need to stay on top of this going forward, as my healing is ever changing. I am so grateful that I have Dr. Schmoe on my “team” helping me through this difficult life challenge.

Anne, Minneapolis, MN