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Categories: Migraines

Do you have a chronic history of migraines? Have you experienced vertigo or dizziness associated with your migraines? Do you ever get motion sickness while being in a car or on a boat? Do you ever feel dizzy after turning too quickly while walking?

These are some of the questions that we ask patients when we are suspicious about a certain diagnosis called Vestibular Migraines. Vestibular migraines are a specific type of migraine that is associated with vertigo. These episodes of vertigo can last from minutes to several days depending on the case. One of the main triggers for a vestibular migraine episode can be movement. If your vestibular system is not working properly, it is difficult for your body to know where you are at in space. This is important because your body needs to know where you are in space in order to coordinate blood flow for oxygen and nutrients. I think we can all agree that oxygen and nutrients are pretty important for the body! You need a healthy vestibular system in order to drive this function.

Vestibular rehabilitation can be very beneficial for people experiencing vestibular migraines. Some therapies that we have found to be helpful are Vestibular Neuro-Rehabilitation, Gyrostim therapy, Virtual Reality therapy, Balance Rehabilitation, Visual and Ocular Rehabilitation, and Gait and Sensory Motor Training.

Vestibular migraines can be debilitating and very difficult to deal with, so if you feel like you resonate with this article or know someone that may benefit from this type of care, please get in contact with us because we would love to help you!