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I first went to MFNC after trying multiple other things to help my problems due to a past concussion. I tried both standard Chiropractic care and Upper Cervical care, but neither of these treatment options did much for me. I was getting small headaches along with a general feeling of disorientation, and, worst of all, I had developed some mild Dysautonomia. As a professional hockey player that meant I couldn’t do what I enjoyed doing most: skating, working out, and general activities for an active lifestyle. It completely controlled my thoughts which led to anxiety wondering if I’d ever feel normal again.

Hope Returns

After my first exam with Dr. Schmoe and Dr. Reis I began to feel like I had hope of getting better. But, after so many other past disappointments, I was cautious about getting too excited. They explained what was going on with my brain function and what they could do to help. After a couple weeks of doing the eye and physical exercises they first gave me, I started to feel my symptoms lessen. I continued to take things very slow and didn’t push myself too far. Things were heading in the right direction. It definitely helped me to see real visual progress on my follow up visits as well with their VNG testing. I was finally able to relax a little more and just be a part of the process of getting better.

A couple months later and I am feeling really good and I am much more confident about the upcoming season. Prior to starting at MFNC I wondered if I would feel good enough to start training camp on time. I continue to check in with Dr. Schmoe and do his recommended rehab. He has been very attentive to my needs and I am very appreciative of his work and everyone at MFNC. I am fortunate to have him in case any future problems arise.

A Recommendation from a Pro Athlete!

I highly recommend MFNC to anyone suffering from any brain-based issues that other doctors just don’t seem to have the answers to help. In my experience, I found that most doctors don’t truly understand how the brain functions, but only know how to do basic tests to tell you that a head injury did indeed occur. This can leave patients more confused and frustrated than ever. At MFNC I got real answers and a real opportunity to heal. I’m very happy I gave it a try!

Dan Sexton