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*Minnesota Functional Neurology is now The Functional Neurology Center


[Lori] All right Spencer, can you tell us where you’re from and what brought you here?

I’m from Keller, Texas and I came up here because I had chronic migraines for a year and a half and no other doctors were able to find out how to get rid of them.

[Lori] Okay, can you tell us a little bit about what you did over your week-long intensive?

Over my week-long I spent a lot of time just kind of like around the city and also with Dr. Schmoe and he did a lot of exercise with me and they were very hard yet very simple.

[Lori] Great and what kind of changes did you see as you were going through this?

After the first day I saw my headache drastically decrease to where on the third day and onward I didn’t have any headache. And when I would I was able to very easily get rid of it with the exercises he taught me.

[Lori] Fantastic, so would you tell other people to come do this?

I would absolutely tell other people to come do this and it’s life changing.

[Lori] All right, fantastic, thank you so much.