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there is hope with hands

Everyone has a story; this is a chapter of mine.

I am a 67-year-old mom and grandmother, widowed at 52 and retired from nursing after 40 years. I had to be very independent and was strong on all levels until confronting numerous stressors since 2000. Gradually I noticed in 2007 I was anxious every year; I became more nervous and weaker and experienced more health issues, including slight left-sided tremors.

Rock Bottom

On June 2013, I crashed physically and emotionally and my neurological symptoms worsened. I was referred to a neurologist who diagnosed me with Parkinson’s. He prescribed medication on June 18. In 10 days I had no tremors but was essentially bedridden. I couldn’t even walk more than 20 feet without resting. I was too weak to fix food and was down 20 pounds. Fear, dread, depression, and hopelessness set in.

My daughter brought me from SE Iowa to Minneapolis. By God’s grace and direction she learned about Dr. Schmoe. At my initial visit, with an extensive evaluation, he said he could help. With each visit, my fear, dread, and anxiety decreased and I became hopeful due to Dr. Schmoe’s expertise. He is extremely professional and an expert practitioner.

46 Physical, Emotional, and Social Improvements

After each visit I noticed improvements. Handwriting improved, no foot drop, lifting toes, inner weakness gone, hammer toes relaxed, improved breathing, neck muscles loose, full range head movement, internal tremor gone, minimal tremors, more expression, improved socialization, walking further and faster, legs stronger, improved eye movement, sleeping well, no back pain, can sit in a chair, can stand and fold clothes, can walk into a store without hanging onto a cart, less hand stiffness, inner dread gone, less anxiety, hopeful, more living in the moment, interacting more with kids, more interest in things, able to use utensils, able to use curling iron, increased walking speed, easier to talk on the phone, energy is back, no pain in hips and shoulders, hand atrophy improved, no naps, healthy eating, lower sugar intake, no caffeine needed, weight stable, no more feeling like walking in cement, no headaches, improved balance, can make better decisions.

After one month of treatment, I have documented 46 improvements physically, emotionally, socially and many prayers answered. Dr. Schmoe is such an encourager and a doctor of integrity. He shares my improvements with joy equal to mine. He has restored me to good health. I am beyond grateful.

Pam D. (handwritten by Pam with no tremors)