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Dr. Jeremy Schmoe

I have seen a growing need in the brain injury community for more awareness and education about alternative healthcare methods and modalities for those who are still suffering from the lingering effect of brain injury.

The week of June 5-9th the summit will provide you with over 20 of the most renowned specialists in the brain injury community, including doctors, caregivers, survivors, and other clinicians who are experienced in successfully treating brain injury.

The lineup includes: David A. Grant, Jennifer Tavernier, Sachin Patel, Doug Schmidt, Dr. Ryan Cedermark, Richard Frieder, Dr. Jill Schultz, Dr. Michael Lewis, Judy Chase, Dr. Mike T. Nelson, Dan Sexton, Kyla Pearce, Dr. Allie Wagener, Jamie & Braden Benz, Dr. Deborah Zelinksy, Dr. Sam Yanuck, Dr. David Traster, Dr. David George, Cristabelle Braden, Cavin Balaster, and Dr. Nathan Keiser.

Topics include: – Optimizing Brain Health and Performance – Nutrition and Diet – Exercise and Rehabilitation – Patient Advocacy – Teen Athlete Sports Advocacy – Positive Mindset and Attitude How They Affect Your Nervous System and Healing – The Eye Brain Connection – Vestibular Rehabilitation – Understanding Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD -Chiropractic Functional Neurology  -Neuro Immunology -Brain Inflammation and How It Inhibits Healing – Brain – Gut Interaction – Omega 3 and Fatty Acids Protocols – Cognitive Rehabilitation – A Mother’s Perspective Of Her Elite Snowboarder Son’s Accident and Recovery – Cervical Spine and Headache Pain – Living Chronic Pain

The 2017 Brain Health Online Summit is ideal for: Brain Injury Survivors, Caregivers, Loved Ones, Co-Workers, Healthcare Providers, and anyone interested in their overall Brain Health Function.

And best of all — it is completely FREE!

If you’re not able to attend all of the dates, no worries! Recordings will be available for purchase with a portion of all proceeds benefiting the Brain Injury Association of America.

For further information and to register: