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Dr. Schmoe and his staff at Minnesota Functional Neurology have done wonders for my quality of life in the last three months. In the spring of 2013, I developed a slight tremor in my right hand. Thinking it was due to all the hours I spend on a computer at work, I didn’t give it much attention. Shortly after, I started to develop other symptoms: tingling, numbness, weakness, tremors, fasciculations in both feet (up to my knees) and both hands(up to my elbows), dizziness, lightheadedness, loss of balance, loss of strength, and extreme fatigue. My health was on a steady decline and my quality of life was fading.

A Lot of Specialists, But No Help

I saw a slew of doctors and specialists: three neurologists (including one from the famed Mayo Clinic), two rheumatologists, a cardiologist (from Mayo), and a couple of general practitioners. After many appointments, blood tests, MRI’s, CT scans, x-rays, medications, and physical exams over the course of 18 months, no one could determine the source of my symptoms and why they were worsening. With the exception to my general practitioner, all of these specialists tried to suggest I was depressed. An easy cop out for them, yet a painful and frustrating response for any patient to hear. I knew I wasn’t depressed and I knew something(s) wasn’t functioning properly in my body.

I had to take a leave of absence from work because even the simplest of daily tasks became daunting for me. Hope was fading fast and I didn’t know what the future held. My chiropractor at Caron Chiropractic referred me to Dr. Schmoe. With nothing to lose and everything gain, I decided in the fall of 2014 to take one last shot at figuring out what was going on with my body.

Finally, a Diagnosis…and Help

After my initial consultation, Dr. Schmoe concluded my symptoms were consistent with that of Post-Concussion Syndrome. Symptoms such as mine can manifest years after a concussion. Additionally, Dr. Schmoe determined my body was extremely inflamed and that my digestive system was not operating properly. Dr. Schmoe placed me on the RepairVite diet and prescribed a number of natural supplements to aid with the recovery of my digestive system, reduce inflammation, and increase energy. He also prescribed at-home eye exercises to stimulate specific areas of the brain and weekly treatments at his clinic.

Over the past three months, my health has drastically improved. My symptoms have been on a steady and noticeable decline while my quality of life has been on a steady and noticeable incline. My friends and family think I’m a completely new person. I will be returning to work soon and am excited to return to the life of the living!!!

I am so thankful to God for leading me to Dr. Schmoe! His knowledge, talent, passion, dedication and genuine concern for others is unlike any other medical professional I’ve met. Dr. Schmone is a true healer addressing the source of the problem rather than simply masking symptoms Thank you Dr. Schmoe for restoring my health, my quality life, and most importantly, my hope.

Steve J.