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Hey I’m Barry. I’m from MacFarland, Wisconsin and I’ve come up here to The Functional Neurology Center to recover from a concussion that actually, I had four years ago in a bike accident.

[Lori] All right and what kind of symptoms brought you into see us, Barry?

Well I had complete fatigue all the time and I couldn’t drive and I was able to do some work but it just, I was just wore out and you know, like reading or dealing with sound environments, all those things just left me exhausted.

[Lori] And tell me a little about your experience here and how you saw symptoms change over the course of your time here.

Well I came here first in March of 2018 and spent a week and it was, actually I was pretty wiped out, it really was an intense time. I did, my wife noticed things over the course of the week, I think I was still struggling a lot but what happened was, in the weeks that followed, I really noticed a big difference and I was able to start driving again and you know, I saw my stamina at work go up considerably and really over the months that followed as I was diligent with my exercises, those gains just keep solidifying.

[Lori] Wonderful and then you came back a second time, tell us about why you decided to do that.

Well, I started finding that I could drive about two hours and I would hit a limit, that I couldn’t really go much longer than two hours without getting fatigued and then when I had really stressful times at work, and we’re talking orders, way more than I could handle before but when I’d hit some of those points, I would get fatigued again and some symptoms would flare up so there, obviously there was still a few things left and also, I still had some trouble with restaurants and things like that where the sound environment was really complicated.

[Lori] And so you did the full week and then how many days now and tell us just briefly about how you’re feeling now.

Yeah, so I did the full week and then another, I guess it’s two and a half days now and I’ve done really well these last two and a half days. In fact, I feel, I’m probably a little tired but some of that’s from sleeping in a different place and everything but I feel refreshed and I feel pretty good. In fact, Dr. Schmoe looked me over this morning and decided that I was doing so great, I didn’t need to stay for the rest of the day, which we had originally planned on. The GyroStim chair really helped me a lot, I think and yeah, so I feel really good right now.

[Lori] Well, we’d love to keep you a few days longer but we’re so glad we don’t need to and that you’re feeling wonderful and thanks for sharing your story. Anything else you wanted to add there at the end?

I’m just really grateful, you know. I went for three years with pretty bad symptoms and not knowing if I was gonna be able to continue working and not being able to drive and I’m just so grateful for the help that Dr. Schmoe’s provided and the clinic here, that I feel like I’ve gotten my life back in a big way and that is just, yeah I can’t say you know, enough how much that means to me so thank you.

[Lori] Thank you.