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Hey, um, my name is Kaylene Klein, um, I am originally from Hazen, North Dakota. Um, and I’m here at The Functional Neurology Center in Minnetonka, Minnesota. And I have been here for the past week working with Dr. Erik Reis.

[Lori] Awesome! And what brought you here?

Um, so what brought me here um is I was having symptoms of headaches, dealing with depression and anxiety, and like digestive problems, and uh, it was due to a head injury I had about six years ago.

[Lori] And what changes have you noticed this week?

Um, so yeah, working with Dr. Erik Reis, my headaches are getting a lot better, and so, that’s been really cool and like definitely more emotionally consistent, um, and so that has been really great, yeah.

[Lori] What would you say to someone who was considering coming here?

Um, that it’s worth all the time, and definitely worth every penny going. Um, I wish I would have come sooner when I originally found out about it and yeah, I would just recommend just do it, it’s worth it.