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Dr. Schmoe was recently featured on the Beyond the Basics Health Academy (BBHA) podcast with Dr. Meaghan Kirschling. They spent a half hour discussing the idea of rehabbing the body through the brain.


Even though you have an injury somewhere else in the body, the brain has been rewired. This means that even if the problem is fixed, you still need to address the brain.

Dr. Schmoe spent a little time discussing his background and the experience that led him to study functional neurology. It was his own shoulder injury and resulting surgery that left him without major pain but he couldn’t do any complex movements and didn’t know where his arm was in space. “I hurt my shoulder but my brain’s idea of where my shoulder was got skewed.”

This is commonly what Dr. Schmoe treats. A lot of people that come to see him are functioning pretty well, but their complex movement patterns are off.

This podcast is a great listen for anybody because, in the words of Dr. Meaghan Kirschling, “people don’t speak enough about the importance of restoring the brain no matter what the trauma has been. Dr. Schmoe breaks this down into an easy to understand way.”

Take a listen here!