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Hi, I’m Susan Day.

[Ashley] And what brought you here to the Functional Neurology Center?

I was having a lot of issues with lights. Very light sensitive and I couldn’t go in stores, including grocery stores, just for very, very short periods of day and that might just be that one thing I can do that day and then that might be it for a few days. I couldn’t go into two stores successfully.

[Ashley] And what would you like to share with others about concussions, TBIs or your experience here?

So, my experience here was wonderful and what I wanna share with people with concussions or TBI or any kind of neurological issue is, we are all individuals, we all have our individual symptoms and even though people around us may not be able to understand that it takes a lot of effort to maybe do a very normal thing that other people may not even consider and offer. It takes a lot of effort for us to do that and we may crash.

And we may crash for more than one day and that there is not a time limit on this, it’s not a concussion or a brain injury will only take, you should be cured as of this many weeks, this many months, this many years. It needs to be individualized so the treatment must be assessed properly and then each individual needs to have that specific treatment to target the findings of that assessment so that they can overcome their personal situation and get back to a life of living without all of these repercussions.

[Ashley] Thank you for sharing. That is great advice.