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Andy had visited multiple providers for Concussion symptoms with no significant help before coming to The Functional Neurology Center. He got the profound improvements he was after in only three days.



— – Hi, I’m Andy. I’m from St. Paul, Minnesota.

– [Lori] Andy what brought you in this week?

– I’ve been having symptoms that I can’t figure out for a while that potentially come from past head injuries and I’ve tried modalities all across the board to try and lessen my symptoms and improve my quality of life and they’ve helped a little bit but I needed something more profound.

– [Lori] So how has your week been here, while you’ve been here?

– It’s been good, you know, if you think about it, in the timeline of it, after day three, I felt a significant enough difference that, you know, three days usually doesn’t make that much of a difference with other things I’ve tried, so, I would say it’s a success. It’s not a miracle pill, but you know, I don’t know if those exist.

– [Lori] What’s been the biggest change for you this week?

– Feeling less mentally oppressed with my symptoms of brain fog and energy levels and mood, yeah, those are probably the big ones.

– [Lori] Okay, well it’s been a pleasure having you here. Anything else you wanted to say? – Nothing, unless you’re not finding answers and searching for ’em, if you’re able to, give it a shot.

– [Lori] All right, thanks so much.