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Uh I’m Marie Tice my husband Tom Tice. We’ve traveled all the way from Chicago. I’ve been in rehab for about three years, with some really wonderful providers in the Chicago area. Uh, I suffered a brain injury, when I had a stroke like event. And I passed out, gave myself a brain injury and a pretty significant neck injury.

[Lori] Okay Marie and tell me a little bit about your week here this week ?

Remarkable, I have used so many adjectives, like incredible, outstanding, remarkable. We worked with Dr. Kass and she is unbelievable, uh the short story of my symptoms were tremendous vestibular issues, vision issues and probably the more significant and complicated uh situation that a lot of our providers were like “wow we’ve never seen anything like this” until we got to Dr. Kass was I was having full body paralysis kind of out of the blue. And but I could talk and move my neck, but I would either have upper body paralysis, lower body paralysis or full body paralysis.

And I would just talk and have I’d be on the ground with no feeling. I couldn’t feel myself but I knew I wanted to initiate and get up and I’m laying there. And I needed help and Dr Kass figured it out. Remarkably we tested it too, which she had to kind of go back and kind of put me back into that state. But that gave me such confidence, that it’s like we nailed it, she got it. She taught us both how to get me out of that paralysis and also to prevent it. By doing a series of physical therapies that are non invasive, there just rationing down getting my brain to work together instead of against each other.

And this has just been one of the most outstanding uh weeks. My personality is back. I have been a ghost in my body. I did not realize and that’s I guess part of it, is the brain did not realize there was a body underneath it. This is the first week that I’ve been able to feel toes, feet, weight in my heels. I have hands ! My brain didn’t know that for three years.

[Lori] Wow, thank you so much for sharing your story and thank you to both of you for being here. I know you’ve had a lot of good support from your hubby.

He has been amazing I could not have done this, we are the best of friends.

[Lori] Thank you so much for sharing your story Marie.