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Hi, I’m Brenda Bergman and I’m from Iowa and this is my husband Mike, and we came up here for the week intensive.

And what were the symptoms that brought you in to see us, Brenda?

I’ve struggled for over 20 years [from Vestibular Dysfunction], and it’s just in the last four years have gotten really hard and just, I thought I was shaking in my brain and just things were always moving and really, really hard to function. And I was told about this place, and it’s just been wonderful here. Dr. Schmoe and Dr. Cooper and just every one of them that I’ve met that have just really appreciated them. They had answers and they had reasons.

They explained, and Dr. Schmoe is amazing. His knowledge and wisdom are incredible and unbelievable because a lot of his symptoms he would describe as I watched the videos before I came up here which weren’t a lot, because I couldn’t, but the ones I did watch, he’s just got so much knowledge and he could say “this is why, and that,” and it was a hard week, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was gonna be, but by Thursday, when everybody was saying how by day Wednesday or Thursday you’re gonna feel great, and by Thursday, I was not doing well, and it felt like I was going backwards, and so I got discouraged, but I had my hopes just brung and anyway, it was just brain fatigue and today is back and going, and they showed me the exercises to do, and so, I forgot what I was gonna say. [Laughs]

This is nice, it’s helpful.

I can see big changes in her and we’ve been all over this nation in the major medical facilities and they haven’t been able to give us the answers that we got right here, and I’ve seen really, really positive changes this week and gotten a lot of answers.

Wonderful. Well, thank you two for sharing that, we loved having you in.