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Categories: Concussions, Migraines, Pain

*Minnesota Functional Neurology is now The Functional Neurology Center


[Lori] Will you start by telling us your name and where you came from and why you came to TFNC?

My name is Renee and I am from Alaska and I came to get over post concussion syndrome.

[Lori] And what symptoms did you have before you arrived, that were your main concern?

Nonstop major pain and pain like vice gripping and stabbing, twisting, like you could just never get away from it and it ranged from like four to eight, that’s about where I was, four to seven to eight all day, every day. And I could never get away from it.

[Lori] And then after your week here, for the intensive program, what have you noticed has changed?

That number is way down, even after the first day, I think I was probably down to like a two and by, from the second day on I was pretty much almost always at a one or a zero and I have never been at a zero. So, that is amazing.

[Lori] That is fantastic.

And the fact that they told me my brain is healed and that what I have been dealing with is something super easy to fix and I was like, wow, okay, so I’m super excited about that.

[Lori] Awesome, thank you for sharing.