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Sarcoidosis and Post-Concussion Syndrome made every day a struggle

Sherri’s husband Lou broke down in tears of joy after seeing the progress his wife’s Post-Concussion Syndrome made after one week at The Functional Neurology Center.


– Hi, I’m Sherri Sime, I’m from Forest Lake, Minnesota. And this is my my husband Loul.

– Hi!

– I came to the clinic because I have a diagnosis of Sarcoidosis and I had a previous concussion, and I was looking for assistance with all the symptoms that the medical field wasn’t able to address.

– [Lori] Tell me some of the symptoms that you had prior to coming in.

– Oh, off-balance, nausea, headache, brain fog, exhaustion, did I kinda cover the big hitters?

  • There was pressure in your head

– Oh the pressure in my head; these were things that everyday, and they would go to extreme to mild couldn’t put my finger on what was causing it, and I couldn’t find a doctor that could tell me what I could do to help relieve it.

– [Lori] And then tell me how it’s gone for you this week while you’ve been here.

– It’s amazing, from the time I stepped into the office, everyone’s friendly; everyone is very knowledgeable, and the doctors I’ve been working with, right off the bat, identified what was going on, identified some problems with my eye-tracking, identified problems with, what are they called? The um – Autonomic – Autonomic system and all the therapies we have done are unique and tailored towards me, which I immediately had responses, positive responses.

– [Lori] So good to hear.

– I have seen Sherry improve so much over the week. She lost hope… and she’s got a bad heart; I’m sorry. It’s been terrific to watch her at the end of the day smile and see I feel normal again.

– [Lori] Right. – I uh can’t thank you guys enough

– Yeah

– [Lori] Thank you guys for sharing that. We really appreciate it; anything else you wanted to add here? You’re gonna make us all emotional.

– It just, this was life-altering, and if anyone is suffering from these symptoms and you’re struggling with regular medical visits, I would highly recommend you look into this because it does work, and I’m on the right path to getting my life back.

– [Lori] Fantastic, thanks Sherry.

– Thank you.