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Coming all the way from Iowa, Sianna couldn’t concentrate on anything with the overwhelming dizziness and nausea. After her personalized neuro-recovery program week intensive, she can ride in a car again and is able to walk around and see movement on the sides without suffering from overwhelming nausea.


– Hi, I’m Sianna Hitchin, I’m from Cedar Falls, Iowa and

– [Lori] Sianna what type of symptoms did you have prior to coming in to see us?

– I had a lot of dizziness and nausea, a lot of brain fog, and a lot of fatigue, and really bad head pain.

– [Lori] Mump’s reminding you of the head pain.

– [Lori] Okay, and tell me a little about your week here.

– First day I got here, I felt absolutely terrible, had terrible head pain, was dizzy, they kept doing one of these and it was bad and I couldn’t concentrate on anything and slowly of the week it’s gotten so much better, and I expected like repercussions from that first day or I would feel terrible the next day too, and I woke up, and I felt fine. And my balance was great, and I wasn’t hitting things when I walked, and it’s just been really eye-opening to see, how different those small things they do, can change it.

– [Lori] Exactly, exactly, what’s been the biggest change that you’ll remember from this week?

– Probably, the nausea and dizziness, that’s changing it, it’s been so much easier to ride in cars, it’s been so much easier to be in elevators, just being able to walk around and see movements on the sides, and not feel like everything’s back and forth, and just that change makes it so much easier to get around, and it’s not so hard to deal with everything else.

– [Lori] Wonderful, we’ve loved having you in thanks for seeing a little bit of your story.

– Yeah, thank you.