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Make theFNC your first stop!
I had suffered from both lyme disease and a car accident that left me with severe neurological issues.
Even as the Lyme was resolved, I continued to have visual issues and vertigo while in a vehicle or in areas with a lot of motion. This has left me unable to drive or work as a commercial airline pilot for 2 years. I have been all over the country searching for answers. This includes the best known facilities such as the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD, to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.
I have seen numerous Neurologists and Ophthalmologist and done hundreds of hours of vision and brain therapy. The consensus was that there was nothing wrong with my eyes, but that my issue was either a traumatic brain injury, PTSD or emotional trauma. Unfortunately no one had a solution. Just as I was giving up hope, I was referred to Dr Schmoe at MFNC. This was the last attempt I was willing to make after endless pursuit to resolve my issues. Every path had led to disappointment.
I was impressed that the state of the art diagnostic equipment at MFNC revealed that the trouble I was having was damage to the brain stem. Dr Schmoe uses his expertise to precisely identify the root of the problem. Within 4 days of intensive evaluation and therapy I made amazing progress! Since each person and injury is different the ability to create a custom program is necessary. By the 4th day I had sharp, clear and steady vision that I had not seen in years. This gave me incredible hope! Since I had waited over 2 years to get the proper help, my injuries will not resolve overnight, however, with continued custom home program, I am confident I will again return to my ability to drive.
Finally, I will regain my lost independence! I have never come across anything that made such a significant difference so quickly. Dr. Schmoe has a unique knowledge of the brain and functional medicine. I am so thankful I found the team at MFNC. I would love to see others make this their first stop for help!
Julie. Eagan, MN