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Hi I’m Mike Harris, former Minnesota Viking. I’m from Pasadena California, called Sororidy California. I’m here at Minnesota function and Chiropractic because I had an AVM Acquired brain injury. Went everywhere, went to MAYO clinic tried to look for all the help I could. Felt I had a great week in here, got a lot better with my condition and I’m looking forward to the rest of my life. Brain injuries are scary, and I’m just fortunate that I can get through it, I can live a normal healthy life. And I thank everyone here in this office for a great week.

[Lori] So Michael, tell me what were your tap symptoms that brought you in here.

Well with my AVM I was having side effects of double vision, a lot of my cognitive stuff was off balance. This week I was able to get help from the doctors. They helped me just align my vision and everything was working fine.

[Lori] That’s awesome, so if someone else were asking like why they should come in here what would you tell them? – Why they should come here?

Yeah. – If they want to live just a normal healthy life, there’s times where people can’t even drive cars or read books because their vision, their brain, their everything their whole body is just not functioning right. So if you come here you can get everything aligned working properly. Some of the best staff here in the midwest, and you will not regret it.

[Lori] Well Michael we really appreciate that and it’s been a pleasure having you here in the office this week, thanks. – No, thank you.