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Personalized Care

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Personalized Care

A Recovery Plan as Unique as You Are.

Your condition and symptoms are unique and your recovery program will be too. When you trust your recovery to the team at The FNC our doctors will work with you to create a Personalized Neuro-Recovery Program that is thoughtfully customized to your needs. Our in-depth Neuro-Exam will evaluate all things neurological, structural, and metabolic so your doctor can develop a therapy plan to address your unique condition.

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High Tech Equipment


The GyroStim is a state of the art, multi-axis rotating chair that works with balance, cognitive and sensory integration and can effect proprioception. It is also used as a vestibular therapy for vestibular rehabilitation and in concussion therapy and recovery.
GyroStim’s method of data-driven incremental advancement ensures that sufficient training intensity is applied while protecting you from overstimulation. Ensuring that your training sessions are challenging, but still comfortable.

Virtual Reality

While most of us think of virtual reality in terms of entertainment, this technology has a place in neuro-recovery too.  Virtual reality has been successfully used both as a diagnostic assessment and as a therapeutic tool by simulating a three-dimensional virtual world that allows you to experience visual, audio, and haptic feedback. You can even interact with and observe objects in 3D. Virtual reality training is most commonly used in rehabilitation therapy for balance dysfunction.

D2 Light Board

The D2 interactive light-up display allows your doctors to assess and help improve hand-eye coordination, concentration, endurance, eye movement, reaction time, and peripheral vision. This dynamic tool may be included in your neuro-recovery program if you’ve had a stroke or traumatic brain injury and are experiencing cognitive deficits related to vision.

Cranial Low-Level Laser Therapy - LLLT

Low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) has been clinically applied around the world for a spectrum of disorders requiring healing, regeneration and prevention of tissue death after a stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Because red or near-infra-red light (at wavelengths that can penetrate tissue) is absorbed by mitochondrial chromophores leading to increased cellular respiration, more ATP synthesis, modulation of oxidative stress and nitric oxide production that together lead to activation of signaling pathways and gene transcription.

Balance Tracking

Your doctor may include Balance Tracking into your neuro-recovery plan to address balance or gait impairments originating from disorders of the sensory, motor, or central nervous system. Much of the equipment we use in testing balance control can be used in therapy as well, in conjunction with exercises that are aimed to improve specific functional areas. In addition to balance boards and balance balls, we also use equipment that is designed to enhance movement strength and flexibility. We also strive to include a variety of types of activities in our balance training programs with other approaches such as resistance and strength training.

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Right Eye Vision Therapy

The RightEye system uses advanced eye-tracking technology to uncover issues that an observation-only exam cannot. This advancement is game-changing: it’s now possible to pinpoint vision and brain health issues, identify the root cause of reading problems, and improve athletic performance.

Arp Wave Neurotherapy

ARP stands for Accelerated Recovery and Performance. ARP Wave Neurotherapy is an electrically stimulating massage device that helps to drastically decrease chronic pain, increases range of motion, accelerates recovery time, and improves physical performance – all without drugs of any kind. Your doctor might include ARP wave NeuroTherapy into your personal neuro-recovery plan to help treat the source of your pain, where it originated to improve and eliminate the physiological pain caused by tight or injured muscles.

Focus Builder Eye Training

The Focus Builder App is an eye exercise app that consists of a variety of eye exercises which can be programmed to be part of your customized neuro-recovery program. The therapeutic benefits of functional neurology eye movement training is activated by moving your eyes in various patterns, speeds, and directions that can enable specific parts of your brain.

Tilt Table Therapy

A primary use of the Tilt Table is to bring you into a progressively upright standing position. Tilt Table Therapy allows your doctors to evaluate your body’s cardiovascular response to the change in position in space.

Simple Mechanics

Somatosensory Stimulation

Sensory stimulation therapy (SST) is a therapy that aims to utilize neural plasticity mechanisms to aid in the recovery of somatosensory function after stroke or cognitive aging.

FNOR Approach

The FNOR approach is based on the "FNOR Rehabilitation Matrix" concept, which facilitates an integrative approach to physical rehabilitation by addressing the multiple dimensions of pain and injury.

Soft Tissue Therapies

Our team utilizes many techniques to treat the muscles, tendons, fascia, and ligaments that help hold our skeleton together. These soft tissues can be the cause of pain, numbness, weakness, instability, and can lead to recurrent subluxations.

Reflex Integration Therapy

Reflex integration therapy is used for a variety of symptoms from neurologic conditions, including autism, ADHD, brain injuries, pain, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's, and more.

Manual Adjustments

Chiropractic Adjustments

A chiropractic adjustment intends to affect or correct the alignment, motion, or function of a vertebral joint. Specifically, they are designed to correct “vertebral subluxations,” the term given to the signs and symptoms that are said to result from abnormal alignment of vertebrae. Every doctor at The FNC is a board-certified and licensed Chiropractor and will include chiropractic adjustments in your neuro-recovery plan if your condition would be helped by it. If you have a condition like whiplash our manual therapy will be specific, low force and very gentle. Based on your symptoms and exam findings manual adjustment may not be performed during your personalized neuro-recovery program.

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Patient Testimonials

"And the support that the Functional Neurology Center has given us hope. That's the word that was my mantra, to keep me in check. In almost every room or every space here, you will see that word - hope. That is truly their philosophy is that there is hope and hope in healing."

Anne - Jordan's Mom, MN

Global Aphasia and Apraxia

"I had (Concussion) symptoms for over a year and this has really helped a lot with my stability, balance and coordination, concentration and I'm finally able to sleep."

Erin / Thief River Falls, MN

Post-Concussion Syndrome

"I really recommend anyone giving this an opportunity to help you with your help and well being. You can't go wrong."

Liz / Alaska, US

Whiplash and Concussion
Subtraction symbol Subtraction symbol What technologies do you use for improving vestibular dysfunction?
Gyrostim and other low tech vestibular rehabilitation techniques have been effective in improving vestibular dysfunction. Many patients we have seen have already done vestibular exercises with limited results. What makes us different is the way we thoughtfully combine therapies in your Personalized Neuro-Recovery Program. All therapies are tailored to your specific condition and based on the findings of your Neuro-Exam.
Subtraction symbol Subtraction symbol Can you help with whiplash and pain?
Yes - With combinations of manual therapy, ARPwave, laser and vestibular exercises we have had success addressing stubborn pain based conditions.
Subtraction symbol Subtraction symbol Can you help with anxiety and depression?
By assessing and managing all aspects of neurology, metabolic and structure we have improved anxiety and depression in our patients. In some cases we have worked with local CBT therapists, nutritionists and Hypnosis.
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