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Visiting Minnesota

Hotel Accommodations

Travel FAQ

Visiting Minnesota

The FNC is located in Minnetonka, a suburb of Minneapolis Minnesota.

Often considered a fly-over state, Minnesota is actually home to some of the most beautiful natural wonders and wildlife. Nestled on the Mississippi river, Minneapolis is full of art museums and a renowned restaurant scene.

Minnetonka is a short 20 minute drive from the Minneapolis International Airport (MSP). It is a busy suburb with a mall and many great parks and restaurants.

Minnesota Fun Facts


The Hotel Landing

For a higher end hotel, please consider The Hotel Landing in Wayzata, MN.


LaQuinta Inn & Suites

Call 952-541-1094 and mention The Functional Neurology Center and they will give you a $85 room rate (upgrade to suite for $10/night more) and some money toward a Lyft/Uber for the week. They also have a microwave and refrigerator in every room. Pet friendly.


Courtyard Marriott

Offers brand new rooms, a fitness center, indoor pool and dining options.  Online reservations for Marriott can be made here: MFNC Marriott Reservation Link (code: A2666). Note: using the online link may provide additional discounts, depending on the dates.


Feeling Hungry?

There are lots of healthy food options close to the clinic. Check out the provided list and if you have a craving for a specific type of food just ask and we’ll offer a recommendation.

List of Restaurants

The Marsh, Minnetonka

Call 952-935-2202 and mention that you will be at  The Functional Neurology Center for the $100/night rate. Located on scenic marshlands, The Marsh has simple rooms and outstanding facilities in an environment which inspires a healthy lifestyle (no shuttle available).



Vacation Rental By Owner with good local options for additional space.


Air BnB

Find a home or guest room that fits your style and budget.


Traveling FAQ

Subtraction symbol Subtraction symbol Where are you located?
13911 Ridgedale Drive, Suite 490, Minnetonka, MN 55305
Subtraction symbol Subtraction symbol How far are you from MSP airport?
We are approximately a 20 minute drive from Minneapolis International Airport (MSP).
Subtraction symbol Subtraction symbol Do many patients travel to MN for therapy?
Yes! We have had patients travel from as far as Alaska, California, Canada and Germany.
Subtraction symbol Subtraction symbol Can I take a shuttle from the hotel?
Some hotels may offer a shuttle service. As the hotel concierge when you book your room. Otherwise Uber and Lyft ride share apps are both popular in this area and there are often cars available with in :10-:15 minutes of making the request.
Subtraction symbol Subtraction symbol Is there a cafeteria in the building?
The first floor has a small lunch lounge area with a sink, microwave, and snack and drink vending machine but does not have eating utensils.
Subtraction symbol Subtraction symbol Is there a kitchen area where I can eat meals that I have brought with me?
No. There are small patient lounge rooms for relaxing between therapy sessions but these are not intended for eating meals in.
Subtraction symbol Subtraction symbol Is there a shopping center near by that I can visit inbetween therapy sessions?
Yes. Ridgedale mall is near by and there is also a Super Target very close to the clinic incase you need to purchase any forgotten travel items.
Subtraction symbol Subtraction symbol Are travel accomodations included in my therapy costs?
No. You are responsible for your own travel costs including airfare, gas or hotel accommodations.

Patient Testimonials

"This place is amazing. I really enjoyed the staff. When John wasn't here to assist, I met a bunch of the other doctors and everybody is so friendly. I would recommend it to anyone."

Christine, Wayzata, MN

"We have been all over this nation at major medical facilities and they haven't been able to give us the answers that we got right here."

Brenda | Arthur, IA

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